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Thread: Bulk slide film?

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    Default Bulk slide film?

    Thought of buying a pack to save on cost, but how does it work? Are you supposed to roll them yourself? I'm interested in slide film like Fuji Sensia and Astia.

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    You buy the film, you get a loader, you load the film into it in total darkness, and then you roll the film into cartridges. Each can gives you the equivalent of 20 rolls x 36 shots.

    I have Velvia 100 for sale. This is the best film for landscapes out there, period. It also works well for general shots. $120 if you want just the can, or $140 incl. rolling into canisters. PM me if interested.

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    Hmm.. newbie to bulk stuff here. We can get all the cartridges and rollers at CP? Usually how many rolls can a can give you?

    I prefer astia/sensia for my purposes but thanks for the offer anyway.

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    Default Re: Bulk slide film?

    AFAIK, film (negative or slide) have expire date and must keep in low temperature.

    Buying bulk may or may not economical for you if you consider above.


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    Default Re: Bulk slide film?

    yes, it is very economy IF you shoot A LOT OF FILMs.

    new bulk loader is about $100.00

    empty film canister is a dollar each.

    I used bulk film cos some film is hard to get or only selling in bulk roll and only for personal use, but for commercial works, I dare to not use bulk loader film.
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