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Thread: Face mask out of stock

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    my as well buy those chemical warfare mask.. best protection

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    Hi guys,

    i think firstly,

    lets NOT be overly "KIA SEE" about this whole situation. currently,
    there's still no scientific proof that SARS is transmitted via AIRBORNE. It MAY be but there's still no proof of yet.

    Secondly, i think there's alot of HYPE about the size of the virus blah blah blah. but its true that the 3M face mask can filter out 0.3micron size particles..but its NOT the ONLY way to prevent SARS.

    i guess everybody should realise that by taking precautions, eg. try to avoid crowded places, when u cough/sneeze, use your hanky to cover at least... (doesn't really help but then again u cut down the dispersion distance of any droplets)<-------- its funny because this is BASIC MANNERS taught to us since we were tiny, and as we grow up most pple do not give it a second thought and sneeze out in the open.

    What is known however is taht there are 2 viruses involved.. On one hand, paramyxoviridae, on the other coronaviridae. BOTH as just as "Contagious" so to speak. It takes time for scientists to come out with a cure. A medical practitioner just prescribes a medication that a scientist its no point asking your doc y there's no cure, coz he's not the one who will be able to answer your question.

    I think the best thing most pple can do about this whole messy situation is to equip themselves with at least basic knowledge on what is a virus/bacteria and their modes of transmission and replication.

    anybody who aint sure about these stuff can PM me oso..but please dun BOMB my PM hor

    On the other hand, u may wanan go to mirc #camtalk where a few guys have been shooting off their questions.

    Last but not least,

    Have a great weekend and STAY HEALTHY


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