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Thread: Setting Up an Editorial Studio

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    Default Setting Up an Editorial Studio

    Hi fellow photogs!

    The space I have is a 22 feet x 58 feet x 14 feet ceiling. I want to renovate from scratch and would like to learn more about studio photography. The reason being is that there are not that many contemporary studios in Brunei. Infact all the studios here utilise Victorian and Bohemian themed wallpapers and whatnots. I want to create something like Clinic Studio.

    I have several questions starting from the build-up to equipment

    1) I will have a white paper roller backdrop hung from the ceiling, but the rest of the walls would be painted.

    -what colors would be good to be used as background? I'm looking at BLACK, GREY, BRONZE and MAROON.

    - and shud the paint flow to part of the floors too? lets say a 5 feet stretch?

    2) how do i create reflecting floors? do i use plexiglass? shiny ceramic tiles or is there something that photographers use?

    3)this is a question for lighting.

    -what would be the best light set to get in this situation assuming i have 2k to spend? i already have 2 lightheads with a variety of umbrellas but they fire only 45w -60w daylight bulbs.

    -softbox or umbrellas?

    i would be extremely grateful if people can respond to this as i am quite eager to learn the techniques of studio lighting and sadly this is the only way i could taste a real editorial studio.

    Many TIA!

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    I think you should get used to shooting with lights against a simple 9ft backdrop first to get an understanding of what you need in studio photography
    different photographers use different tools in the studio (I don't use softboxes for example). don't waste your time renovating until you have a better idea of your preferences in shooting (in terms of space, equipment, focal lengths, etc)

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    yes i want to practice strobe lighting first. i came to a brand of strobe lights "Aikiphoto-Yake" 600w/s each. is this brand any good?

    or shud i invest on bowens or elinchroms for the long run?

    budget for lighting the whole shindig is around 2.5k
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    Default Re: Setting Up an Editorial Studio

    you have nice big space to work with.

    but as for $2.5k, can only get you two lights basic set up with either bowens or elinchroms. I have no idea about other brand/type of lights, so have no comment on that.

    as for the design of studio, very much depend of what type shoots you want to specialize with.
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    paint the walls white to begin with... experiment with background paper rather than paint walls... reflective floors are usually with plexiglass otherwise also known as perspex... thickness depends on whether you are just laying it on the floor or whether you want it to support someones weight so you can shine a light from below (can use it as light diffuser or light box in this way) but word of caution: they scratch easily so minimise walking on top of it if possible; and also they smudge easily so have to keep lint free cloth at hand to wipe before you shoot... slowly build up your collection of lights and props...
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    Default Re: Setting Up an Editorial Studio

    many thanks for the feedback.

    i've found strobes well in my budget but i wonder if they are any good?

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    Default Re: Setting Up an Editorial Studio

    theRBK ur advice are really helpful and noted. yes i will get plexiglass for one wall section of the studio


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