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Thread: good split-system air-cons to recommend?

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    Default good split-system air-cons to recommend?

    Dear pals,

    my hubby and I moved into this resale 5-room flat in Clementi 6 years ago. Due to limited renovations budget, we did not change the ex-owners' aircon at that time and chose to continue using it. However we found that our monthly PUB bills (esp electricity consumption) are really expensive even though both of us are seldom home during the day and we do not switch on the air-con throughout the night. We also do not cook. So we suspect it's the old aircon system 'eating' up the electricity. With our 1st baby due in a month's time, we're thinking of changing a new aircon system but unsure what's available and good in the market now.

    can someone share from your experiences what models/brands of aircons you're using, how much you paid, is it energy efficient and where can we get a good deal/sale now. We do not aircon the entire flat - just the 3 bedrooms but with the newbaby, we're hoping to get 1 that has built-in air-purifier.

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

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    Default Re: good split-system air-cons to recommend?

    misubitshi inverter


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