Hello everyone, some of you might have heard that local drummer Wayne (Thunder) Seah has left us recently. We are trying our best to continue his efforts with the 'Rock For Good' concert which is now renamed 'Rock For Wayne'.

On behalf of Justin Roy, The Boredphucks' / The Suns' bassist, I would like to invite everyone to attend this event. It will be held on 23rd June, at The Pavilion@ Far East Square. Bands such as Electrico and as I last heard, Humpback Oak will be performing amongst others.

Tickets are priced at $10 and may be bought at the door. If you live in the eastside, I will be happy to help secure tickets. (SMS ONLY - 97996419, COD).

I apologise in advance if I've broken forum rules by posting here, not too sure where else is appropriate.

Thanks for viewing.