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Thread: body and lens?

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    Default body and lens?


    Currently I am holding a Canon EOS 400D and 18-55mm, 55-200mm lens.

    I want to know if I want to upgrade which body and lens should I go?

    As for the body, I am going to semi-pro kind. Sony Alpha? Canon 30D?
    As for lens, I want to go for 17-85mm IS lens or 24-105mm IS lens for a walkabout lens? Usually I am taking landscape picture and snapshot and also some low-light pictures.

    Budget wise I will need to save up. For now I want to know what to expect.

    Please advise.
    Canon IXUS 850 / Canon EOS 400D 18mm-55mm Kit Lens

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    Default Re: body and lens?

    Why not join me in the wait? This is my current plan. Wait for the news for the 40D to be released. Compare the specs of 40D with 30D and decide which one to go for, in which case, the price for 30D will have dropped to a more manageable value. In the meantime, stick with the current camera and get the basics.

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    Haha, I am using the 400D too, but I am waiting for the 24 to 70mm f2.8 L lens to perhaps come out with IS, or even better, the 24 to 105 mm L IS to come out with a f2.8 version. Need to save up too and hope Canon read my wish list.


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