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Thread: NOOB QUESTION - local vs int'l warranty

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    Talking NOOB QUESTION - local vs int'l warranty

    having searched in the CS forum pages, have come to the realisation that international warranty seems to only apply to lenses and not for the body...

    the missus is heading to japan end of the week and i was thinking of asking her to check out the prices of the d40 kit there and if it were cheaper than singapore, to pick one up for me...

    question is, if there is no international warranty, then if anything kaputs on the body, there is no recourse to nikon singapore, right???

    has anyone had the unfortunate experience of buying a body overseas and having it kaput and being unable to claim any warranty? or vice versa, being able to claim even tho the body was purchased overseas?

    need to make an informed decision hence the question...

    please advise...thank you

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    1) Do you really think small differences is worthy to buying outside Singapore when practically you get no 1 year warranty (unless you are frequent flying to the place where you bought it).
    2) Warranty is only 1 year. Without warranty, you still can service your camera in Singapore Nikon Service Center (unless your unit S/N is banned). Your unit will be like unit buying in Singapore and the 1 year warranty is expired.


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    Default Re: NOOB QUESTION - local vs int'l warranty

    thanks your reply artosoft...i totally get your point...

    the thing is, i have no clue what the price differential is right now...of course, if it's small, then i'd very much prefer a local set as a matter of fact...if it's a big enuff differential, then i'd have to think hard about purchasing it there...

    thanks once again!


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