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Thread: Macro Capabilities of Canon G3 ??

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    Question Macro Capabilities of Canon G3 ??

    Hi All,

    Sorry for this post, if anyone is offended by what I'm gonna ask.....but I just hope there still some space for idiotic newbies like myself...anyway here goes....

    I've seen many wonderful Macro shots...mostly Nature good source is the Nature Photography Society's Webby.

    Since I'm a newbie who unfortunately owns a recently bought Canon G3 ( without any Adapters or Wide/tele lens ), I was wondering if it is technically possible, as far as the G3 is concerned,to get shots like those......Photographic skills aside of course.

    If so....what kind setup do I require ?? wise.

    your advise please and thanks for putting up with my Ignorance........

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    Hi microsmic,

    The G3 on its own is already quite capable in macro mode. You will need steady hands, good light and sometimes manual focus if you really want it to focus real close to the lens.

    Some macro shots at zoo, steady hands and using the glass to keep the camera still:

    Another post from someone asking the same thing... I posted a macro shot in there too:

    To get real close, you may want to try close up lens.. gonna get me some of these too. Some of the nice insect shots you have seen posted also employ external flash bounced.

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    Hi Zplus,

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction......Wow....those shots you took are really great !!.......those are the kind of shot I'm hoping to get with my G3( with ALOT of PRACTICE , of course )

    Anyhow, you did mentioned about close up lens.......was wondering if you can recommend some of those that can be used or Compatible with the G3.

    I have been reading up on the forum, and I understand that there are 52mm and 58mm adapters ( Lensmate or Canon )for various filters. My question is......does those adapters also accept the close up lens that you have mentioned ??

    If so, can I safely assume that if the adapter accepts Wide/Tele Converter Lenses, they should accept those close-up lens that you mentioned as well ??

    Please pardon my ignorance.........we all got to start somewhere I guess......

    ( Ps: any advise is good advise for me !! )

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    Hi ckhaos,

    Thanks for the link to the webby !!.........A great article indeed !!

    You guys have been a great help !!

    Thanks Again !!


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