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Thread: Basketball shoe repair - where?

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    Default Basketball shoe repair - where?

    Finally took out my beloved pair of nike shox to wear and the rear heel came off halfway during the game. anyone here knows where I can get it repaired or the type of shoe glue that is strong enough for sports? Thanks.

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    you stick it back, most likely it will fall off again.
    Might as well invest in a new one.

    if u die die want to repair, you can try any cobbler. I know there is quite a few in holland V.

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    Lot 1 basement 1 @ Choa Chu Kang.
    The guy would recommend to sew yr shoe.
    He told mi the glue dried up if i didn't wear for quite sometimes.

    I did mine for $18. Very satisfied with his service.

    Hope this help.
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    check you rubber sole to see if it is going to disintegrate, because if it is there is no point repairing the shoe, it will just come out again.


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