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    i am working on my natural lighting. i took this picture in in mid afternoon, but i used the shade of a tree. do you think the image is too washed out. i do think the color works with the subject. what do you think of the lighting and quality of the photo? thanks

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    What a cutie, congratulations.

    Early morning or late afternoon is always the best time for outdoor shoots.

    The colours work well with a baby as sheepskin / blue are classics.

    You might be able to spot a colour tinge in your image, it seems green / yellow to me. This can be corrected in adobe photoshop / lightroom or the free google picasa.

    Why don't you try this in black and white, which might help the image.

    Children are constantly on the move and it is impossible to shoot them. Next time try and capture her looking straight at the camera and only choose your sharpest images.

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    the light is too flat, if your baby is wearing light color clothe and the background is lighter, this lighting may work.

    I think you are shooting from the direction which the baby is facing open area, hence is still frontal light on the baby, for more directional light, you may try to position the baby where the light is from 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock position.
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    Hi mlronde,

    Here are my comments :
    1) Yes, I think it was washed out and flat. The best photo result is you can show the shadow and highlight as a balance or as the way you want it to be. It can not be all bright or all dark as you won't get the dimesion of the object.

    2) The color likely needs to have some adjustment. You can use color balance or hue and sat adjustment

    3) When taking photo of baby or children better to use hight speed at least 1/125 as they always moving, and under natural lighting a spot metering is good to control the situation




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