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Thread: HELP: Canon EF-S 17-55mm F2.8 USM IS

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    Just got my hands on a "new" lense as above.

    But I find that the lense is not smooth when zooming between 17mm and 35mm. After the 35mm mark the barrel twist is smooth.

    Is this normal?

    Is this lense defective?

    Sorry but newbie here.


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    Default Re: HELP: Canon EF-S 17-55mm F2.8 USM IS

    Welcome.. Heh-heh, every newbie question tends to come with "newbie" account. :P

    Yes, that is normal. That's prob one reason why some will hesitate and ponder if it's worth to purchase the 17-55mm IS, despite what they hear about its superior optics. The built quality is not on par with L quality. If you turn the zoom ring of the 17-55IS and compare it with other L zooms, such as the 17-40mm L, you will realize what a difference it is. The L zoom's ring turns more smoothly and easily.

    Other than that, you will also find vignetting (dark edges on corners) to be common at wide apertures, especially f/2.8. And if you shoot in extremely bright lighting conditions, you might get some flare too.

    Despite all these, optics-wise, it's tops.


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