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Thread: ppl who studied in france: need your help!

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    Default ppl who studied in france: need your help!

    My gf is studying in France and holds a 6-months Type D (+1 Schengen transit) visa issued by the French Embassy. Apparently, this visa doesnt allow her to travel to other Schengen states (for a short weekend holiday) even though we Singaporeans are exempt from visas if we visit those countries for less than 90 days.

    So I am asking anyone who has studied in France before and travelled to the neighbouring Schengen states (read: EU countries), what are the visa procedures you all did? Were you stopped by customs/immigration??


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    Default Re: ppl who studied in france: need your help!

    Don't know anything about student visa there, but there isn't any immigration checkpoint or custom between most EU countries if travelling by rail or road. Once she is in France, she should be able to travel freely between the EU countries (UK is an exception). Airport might be a different case.
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