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Thread: Photographer or Hardware-Collector?

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    I do not have the opportunity to participate in any SEEDs or shoots (except for the recent trip to Singapore Zoo), but would like to suggest that participants bring along their photo prints to share and discuss also.
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    Originally posted by Parchiao
    I think you are doing the latter.

    Your question is akin to asking doctors why they use a cross or mont blanc pen when they should improve on their handwriting (generalisation of doctor's illegible handwriting) OR those aunties who drive their quarter million dollar mercedes benz or bmw to learn to check their blind spot or at least check the side or rear view mirrors when they change lanes while driving (again another generalisation of how aunties always cut into your lane at the very last moment).

    It would probably not end. We can talk about property (I live in the 56th floor with the birds, you stay on the ground floor with the rats) , electrical gadgets (LCD vs CRT, but can see can oredi right?), the way you style your hair (face kenna sai, wat's the difference?) etc etc etc

    Definitely nonsense.
    think u are the 1 with the nonsense, dude...
    totally irrelevent examples...
    btw, doctor dont write legibly coz they dont wanna let the patient know their actual condition, thus allowing the patients to stay calm instead of panic unduely....
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