For those who are keen and ready to commit to this meaningful project. You have to go
through an interview with the organiser. If successful, you can get a grant from the government. That means you only pay half of the total cost. Currently they still looking for more people. Recruitment process will end in June

From Wenbin


Currently, we are recruiting volunteers (17-35 Yrs Old) to embark on
this meaningful journey with us to conduct lessons and refurbish the
Mizpah Home from 31 Aug to 14 Sept. To find out more about Mizpah
Home, feel free to log on

This project is supported by the National Youth Council (NYC) under
the Youth Expedition Project. Besides the component of serving the
less fortunate in a developing country, this project also serves to
nurture our youths through

1. Build character and resilience in youths through service learning;
2. Create awareness about need to engage society in meaningful and sustainable ways;
3. Develop responsible, passionate and socially conscious future leaders;
4. Nurture youths with a better appreciation of cultural diversity in the region;

The project team will be encouraged to undertake research on a
social cause of interest locally (in pre-expedition activities) and
then explore this similar issue overseas (during expedition phase).
As part of the programme, participants will initiate and perform
projects that meet the needs of society.

Gaining an insight to the factors affecting this social cause, it is
hoped that participants will become better equipped to contribute
and serve their own community upon their return (in post-expedition

For more information,
please contact
Alvin @96622536
Weiling @96190121
Annie @90662297

or email