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Thread: Canon's 400D or Nikon's D80

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    Default Re: Canon's 400D or Nikon's D80

    I went to the stores.. ask for the almost all the DSLR within budget range, hold it.. play ard with the menus. take a few shots, listen to the shutter, see the photo on the screen, try the zoomin function.

    wah lah.. bought a D200

    still like the rouge tough feeling the nikon camera feels in my hand
    and i learn to appreciate the comfort on buying the cameras, some events last the whole day.. and having a camera that is comfortable in your hands is the most important.

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    Default Re: Canon's 400D or Nikon's D80

    Thanx cheersjy for that link.. its really helpful! lots of review and comparison of both cameras.

    Btw, anyone knows if CP will give a quote through email?

    Also, I wanna say sorry for bringing on a seemingly, potential war between supporters of Nikon and Canon.
    please, for anyone reading, theres no need to get unpleasant.
    Nikon and Canon are both great in their own ways, both have many supporters, some will support either one strongly while there are also some in grey area as they are both wonderful! haha
    My point is, all I'm trying to do is get some help and opinions in choosing btw this 2 cameras and not to compare the brands. Peace~

    Anyway, I roughly know what I want le, and should have no problem going for it. Alls left to me going down to a shop to try them out and see how they feel to me! ^.^
    Great thanks to everyone here for all the help!

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    Well... ultimately.. its the photographer who decides the proper exposure not the brand. It is just an instrument which helps you to take a picture in a better way. It doesnt matter which camera you use, you should be able to get good exposure, if you know how.

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    hmm.. i dun like one thing about the 400D is the missing LCD that tells u all ur details such as ur aperture, shutter count etc that can be found on the 350D.. to make it bigger, battery grip is the way to go but from what i hear from the pros canon is better at low light shots while nikon has better colour.. how true is this fact im also not sure as i dont own both systems.. anyway hope this helps in ur research.. maybe someone would post something to slam me to defend their equipment gd luck !

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    Default Re: Canon's 400D or Nikon's D80

    Some in camera functions and tweakings might make the photos turn out more appealing than know your gear like your GF/Wife/Mother/Father to get good pictures outta them

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