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Thread: any hp6515 user?need help to retrieve the sms

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    Default any hp6515 user?need help to retrieve the sms

    hi,i had a problem to retrieve my sms into the computer.I need this smss for important issue.all the sms are save in the hp6515 in the message draft.about 100s sms.i need to print them out.any one can help me retrieve,willing to pay $50 for this services.had been trying to get download software to retrieve but in vain.or anyone had a good software to retrieve this smss from the hp6515.
    Pls help,i had been trying to solve this for the pass 10hours,still invain!help help help
    call me @90269997 if u can help.thanksw

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    Default Re: any hp6515 user?need help to retrieve the sms

    try this program called Jeyo Mobile Companion... it costs less than $50 (only US$14.95), but you can try it out before you buy it... works for me... I use it to backup my smartphone but works for PocketPC phone as well... can't really print them out from the program but can retrieve to the computer at least and copy them manually...
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