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Thread: Catwalk runway CDs

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    Default Catwalk runway CDs

    i went to thatcdshop and bought a few cds which i think is worth recommending to you guys.

    1)catwalk glamour
    2)milano fashion 5
    3)music from fashion week

    these are songs which they use for model catwalks which i absolutely love.

    i dont know about you guys, but when i do ps of fashion shoots for my friends, playing these cds makes the picture on your desktop comes alive.
    it really sets you in the mood to do photoshopping.

    might want to try it?

    if anyone has nice cds to recommend, please continue in this thread.

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    Default Re: Catwalk runway CDs

    One of my favourite songs for this is "I LIKE CHOPIN" by Gazebo - both the instrumental and extended version ones.

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    try French Pop songs... you don't know what the heck they mean but they sound sophisticated and catchy... go to this cd shop (can't remember the name) at Shaw Leisure Gallery along Beach Rd... they have a large collection at reasonable price...


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