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    Which 3 party lens would u prefer.. Trying to get 1 but did not koe which to get?

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    100mm macro. good metal construction!

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    i think most people will say it depends on what you plan to shoot. third party can tough since there is an element of trust in the brand and rightfully so, but keep in mind even the big boys have produced lemons from time to time.

    anyways, two that come to mind (for me because of what i shoot) and seem to be getting very good reviews are tamrons 17-50 or 18-50...i always forget, me getting old...but it's a 2.8 and another one getting pretty decent feedback for a longer lens is sigma's 70-200 2.8 ex dg(macro) hsm and it is a heavy son a bitch but worth the load with what it produces.

    others may argue but what has been an excellent gauge for me in buying lenses is this website

    it's a good start to build confidence. since there basically is no marketing for third party lenses, there is nothing to flood your brain that will make you confident the way canon and nikon can. review the lenses you like, look at what others have to say. preferably the third party lens has a service center in singapore (if that's where you're at) and take your camera with you to try these lenses at the stores and make sure they have a warranty. if you can, borrow or rent these lenses from other cser's to try them out first.

    know what you want to, weddings, sports, landscapes, etc., and that'll help. but do keep in mind that if you want to sell your third party lens to get the main brands, your re-sale value for your 3rd party lens will be far lower than if you try to re-sale a mainstream branded lens.

    anyways that's my input and i know other's will differ but instead of flaming me, keep in mind the topic here is to help TS

    have a good day


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