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    Hoping to bring out the old american classic vintage feel.

    The picture was shot with a Nikon P4. Other things used in the set up were the A&F giftbox (acting as background), flourescent lamp with tracing paper wrapped over it to throw a soft effect onto the subject. Contrast, brightness, and midtones were adjusted to give the vintage feel.
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    i think the overall colour tone of the pic does but that's abt it.

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    please read b4 posting...

    since posted, please read and adhere...
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    i think u focused too much on the technical aspects that ur forgetting the about creative side of photgraphy.

    great if you could put the tag on top of a sumfabric like some really destroyed denim jeans,

    or a close crop shot of a jeans pocket with the tag hangin out of it and someone's hand fitted into the pocket.. or even on top of the the signature polo tee with the moose logo.

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    technically fine but as said, boring. but this is not to say there is no use for such an image. a boring image maybe useful as a backgroup image for some texture or some cut outs for some design work for example.

    Another thing the OOF tassel. Distracting per se, but again maybe it works when text are over written on it.


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