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Thread: hyperfocal distance - useful?

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    Default hyperfocal distance - useful?

    read an article on luminous landscape saying how the hyperfocal distance not able to achieve good enough resolution, especially when you require optimum DOF.

    part 1 -
    part 2 -

    merklinger's article -

    so many books/magazines/people have testified to the usefulness of obtaining the hyperfocal distance. i've read the article but i'm still confused to which school of thought is right. anyone have any thoughts?

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    Default Re: hyperfocal distance - useful?

    Usually useful if you are using a wide angle lens and especially on a range-finder camera. In low lighting, sometimes it is difficult to get something in focus. Therefore just set everything and shoot, shoot, shoot.

    Most cameras nowadays have autofocus, therefore there may not be any need for using HFD.

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    if u use canon... better to use a-dep. cam will select the required aperture.
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