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Thread: exposure mode can help explain very blur about it

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    Question exposure mode can help explain very blur about it

    i read through my manual but there is theis bracket exposure that i do not understand. when it is use say like +/- 1 stop,

    does this refer to opening the aperture or increasing the shutter speed??

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    to bracket means to shoot above or below the recommended exposure. U can either do it by opening or closing the aperture of decreasing or increasing the shutter speed.

    Most camera when bracket shooting will usually shoot recommended then below then above. Read ur specific manual.

    Most ppl do it to have about 3 shots to select from to see whichi one they like better but unlikely to make a diff if u are shooting negatives

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    well i understand that bracket exposure lets u take photos at
    +/- stops but i dont understand does the camera do it by changing the aperture or shutter speed in the camera??

    i using f65, ilooked through the manual but cant find the info. can anyone shed any light.

    i ask this question for general knowledge only nothing else.

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    It really depends on the camera. In some which offers automatic bracketing and you are in Aperture Priority mode, then the bracketing program will expose the pictures by varying the shutter speed. If however, you are in Shutter Priority mode then the bracketing mode will expose the pictures by varying the aperture.

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    then how about in manual mode?? how does it bracket the exposure??


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