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Thread: wats the difference between C Pl and Skylight filter?

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    Default wats the difference between C Pl and Skylight filter?

    as above...
    when to use which?

    all replies appreciated

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    A skylight filter or in some cases a UV filter is a general filter that cuts out some of the higher spectrum rays when shooting in outdoors. Typically, balancing outdoor with a bit of color warmth.

    In most cases, most people will utilise one of these to protect their front elements of their lens. It's much cheaper and less heart break to replace a scratched filter as opposed to replacing a whole new lens.

    The C Pl on the other hand and I am assuming that you are refering to the circular polariser is a more specific filter that you can use to :
    1) Increase color saturations in your shots
    2) Eliminate light reflections from Glass and Water surfaces
    3) Use it to increase exposure time with slower speed films by reducing two stops in exposure (eg to smoothen the motion of flowing water in a river)

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    Skylight differ from UV filters in that they act lower down in the spectrum.

    Besides cutting down on UV, Skylights also attenuate green/blue light such that it imparts a marginally warmer tone to your images(hence "skylight").

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    if i use a uv + cir polariser together what would be the effect?

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    wouldn't it be better then til put a skylight on all the time instead of a uv protector since a skylight filters out the uv rays too ?


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