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Thread: Booking hotels for F1

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanie View Post
    this is from yahoo news.

    Race is on to get strategic spots to catch F1 GP

    SINGAPORE: As hotel rates are likely to skyrocket and premium tickets out-of-reach for the average F1 fan, people are starting to scout for alternative locations in Singapore to view the race.
    Marina Square Shopping Centre's second level is a great spot to see the cars hurtling on one of the longer stretches, Raffles Boulevard.

    Millenia Walk also provides grandstand seating at no cost.

    The Food Court at Marina Square offers a spectacular view of the cars coming out of the floating platform area next to the Esplanade.

    Those working around the Suntec area will also have a chance to catch the cars, without leaving their offices.

    One company on the 29th floor of Centennial Tower has a bird's eye view of some parts of the race, including the new section at Marina Promenade and the Singapore Flyer.

    Gilbert Kwek, GM, Sales and Marketing, DaimlerChrysler, Southeast Asia, said: "Our staff and the sales people will have a party in the office. All round our offices, you can probably see certain parts of the track, so most of the staff are actually quite excited about it and they intend to have a party in the office during the race season."

    More private parties can also be expected at The Fullerton Waterboat House where fans can catch the action against a scenic backdrop like Esplanade Drive and the Anderson Bridge.

    It is also understood that some corporations are willing to spend S$400 per person to book the restaurant for their guests.
    it will be BEST for Singapore if we can organise a World Cup, however no landspace..

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    FYI i believe the govt is gonna impose a 30% cess/flat fee whichever higher on hotel rooms, and may be adjusted per head occupying the room. So a good view ain't gonna come cheap, and i think it won't be worth it to squeeze many in the room. Places like the marina square steps are also gonna be cordoned off to form basic seating/standing areas, for a fee. Hard to get a free view cept maybe from office buildings which govt not much jurisdiction over in that sense.

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    Anyone really willing to pay money to stand in the sun just to watch cars go round and round?

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    me & 500 million worldwide.
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