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Thread: Simple food shot

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    please note that all offending posts have been removed from this thread.

    reminder again to all to only direct comments/suggestions to critique seeker, and please post with clarity and if needed with illustrated examples where applicable. if anyone wants to point out flaws in others' suggestions, do so with clarity and examples as well instead of putting oneliners.

    otherwise, it doesn't matter whether you're a pro with decades of shooting experience or newbie who only owned a camera for less than an hour, anyone trying to create personal conflicts in this forum with irresponsible postings will not be tolerated.

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    Hi...i tried to edit it in corel ...
    for reference


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    The sauce looks better with the tinge of orange. But it seems quite difficult to do much more unless you edited the colors of the sauce or meatballs. I do believe much more deliberate planning for the food layout is needed, e.g., choice of colors (
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