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Thread: Another Tripod Help Request Thread

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    Hiya guys,

    I am in the market looking for tripod and would really appreciate some help here. There seems to be lots of choices etc that it becomes confusing. Basically I hope my tripod and tripod head can handle the following setup:

    1. Nikon D80 body - 585g (w/o bat)
    2. SB800 Flash - 350g (w/o bat)
    3. 70 -200 VR - 1,470g (i don't have this lens yet but i think this will be my heaviest len in the future, currently only have kit lens 18-135mm.)
    4. MB-80 513g (w/o bat)

    Total weight = 2,918g +1,000g (misc allowance?)
    = 3,918g.

    I have read many reviews prompting for ppl to get a good tripod and ballhead instead of buying an ok one and then changing it down the road. But then budget is an issue...

    So what do you guys suggest? Which tripod and ballhead to get? By the way, I hope to get a ballhead that can let me turn left and right and up and down that type (am i making sense?). For tripod, I hope to get one that is less than 1.5 kg or thereabout and should have a height that is at eye-level (i am about 169cm tall).

    I am very tempted to buy the Markins M10 ballhead (is this an overkill?) and coupled it with a Benro/PPCP Carbon Tripod... Do you think it make sense? Is it better to get a better ballhead or a better tripod (I don't think I want to spend so much money now at getting a good ballhead AND a good tripod).

    So please help!!

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    There are a few things to look at when choosing a tripod.

    1. The maximum load that the tripod and the ballhead carries.
    2. the price.
    3. the weight of the tripod.

    If the ballhead you chose is able to take the load, but the tripod is not, there's little use too. So it is better to find a matching pair. However, if the weight of the tripod is too heavy, you'd find that you will end up leaving it at home, there is little point getting it too.

    IIRC, carbon tripod is very expensive. but if you are comfortable of the price, there should be little other issues. But do make good use of it... That's how I feel. No expert here.

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    190prob with 488 head

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    go for something with a minimum tolerance of 5kg..

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    hi guys, thanks for the suggestions and advice.. keep it coming!! also, can someone share some light on what are those quick plates, camera plates things? what are they used? are they the same, ie. quick plate = camera plate? thanks!
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