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Thread: Travel Tripod... Recommend me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoossh View Post
    perhaps you are right on your understanding of the equipment, but the tone you phrased it in is important. i hope you will understand what i mean without me getting too explicit.

    anyway the ultimate aim is to have an amiable forum where people can participate and learn from people who are willing to share.
    zoossh, I normally would had turned on my ignore function by now... I did contribute but didn't realised that many had not come into contact with a wooden tripod before. That's why the $680 = >20 wooden tripod question. But apparently kzone took this a little too hard and got upset with the icon.

    The TS did say he's on a budget and need a sturdy but light tripod didn't he? Was my recommendation out of the line.

    Sometimes I can only hope that poeple who sincerely intend to share knows what they are talking about and they'd actually some substance in sharing.

    Asking TS to buy a over his budget tripod or cheap but heavy tripod doesn't answer the his questions. It doesn't even answer to what to look out for in a tripod.

    Yes, reading off the internet and post some secondary knowledge is useful for awareness but primary knowledge gives insight to what someone may or may not know.

    Debating on techicalities and brands of a tripod makes no sense. I would rather see people discussing what the TS expects and want from such a tripod he enquired. A picture says a thousand words.

    Please note that this post is my personal opinion. You may wish to turn the ignore function to it if it doesn't go smooth for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eyes View Post
    But apparently kzone took this a little too hard and got upset with the icon.
    you ain't wrong with your opinion. but like what i say, sensitivity is important. most people is likely to take offence with that icon used in that manner. i have seen fellow forumers trying to sound humorous but done in a less appropriate manner, and dragged on more defence when warned by the moderator, ending in being banned - all starting from one relatively harmless statement. putting an ignore button is not going to change it, understanding does.

    i note you have valuable insight, and do hope to continue see your input.
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    I posted this in my own thread but no one seem to read so i thought i could post here too to get your thoughts:
    Can someone recommend a decent carbon fiber travel tripod with ball head and quick release? Looking to buy one...budget up to 600 max, my camera set up is about 2kg( consists of canon 350D and tamron 25-200mm lens) but i want to make allowance for future when i add a external flash or macro lens (eyeing the tamron 95mm or 180mm macro). Max height elevation looking for about 1.5-1.7metres. Any reccomendations will be appreciated!
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    Did any of you have any problem when you bring your tripod overseas? When I was in Tokyo 3 months ago, the customs took my tripod and start measuring it like as though if it was abit longer, they would have confiscated it!! Luckily it falls short.

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