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Thread: Hot chocolate anyone?

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    Default Hot chocolate anyone?

    Another pic taken on the same day as my noodles pic. Went to Max Brenner's after dinner for a nice cuppa of cocoa.. Had to shoot one of the most ultimate hot choc you can get in Singapore..

    Camera: Nikon D70S
    Lens: Nikkor 50mm/f1.8
    Flash: None
    F-Number: 1.8
    Exposure Time: 1/25s
    Exposure Compensation: +0.3

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    Default Re: Hot chocolate anyone?

    when shooting closeups indoors, watch the lightning and shadows.

    here, the shadows below are distracting and the reflection on the cup itself too.
    and it looks a bit out of focus

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    Default Re: Hot chocolate anyone?

    Either the picture is slightly out of focus, or hand shake.


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