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Thread: Noodles anyone?

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    Default Noodles anyone?

    My first pic put up for critique.. *heart thumping*

    Camera: Nikon D70S
    Lens: Nikkor 50mm/f1.8
    Flash: None
    F-Number: 2.2
    Exposure Time: 1/40s
    Exposure Compensation: +0.7step

    Was having lunch with my wife and her cousins at Jia Xiang Kolo Mee Restaurant in Marina Square. Saw the mee and just felt like shooting.

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    Default Re: Noodles anyone?

    dof too shallow. ur focus is on the bowl of noodles.
    everying on it should be relatively sharp, else it seems kinda strange

    also, watch the positioning of ur spoon, spoils the pic.

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    Default Re: Noodles anyone?

    wah....make me damn hungry now!

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    Default Re: Noodles anyone?

    I little bit underexposure. shoot more from the top view.

    good effort.

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    Guide number 1 of food photography. A white bowl/plate should look white. Tweak your WB a little. And then comes Guide number 2, bright food looks more pleasing to the eye.

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    Default Re: Noodles anyone?


    Other than the points given above, I usually "clean" my food prior to shooting, like that piece of "bak chor" or whatever is sticking on the right side of the bowl, is quite distracting.

    And it is quite unconventional that the chopsticks are on the left...I duno if this is ok or not as lefthanders eats with it on the left, just feel a bit unnatural, may be I am a righthander lah.

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    Default Re: Noodles anyone?

    thanks for the comments!! Appreciate them!!

    Juz a snapshot before my wife attacked the noodles.. hahaha..

    here's another one of my bowl.. before i attacked mine.. hehehe..
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