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    Need help on fellow clubsnappers for help on PS tips and tricks. I'm trying to compose a picture of 1 person doing my actions on a single picture. Like what we see in the advertisments previously that Andy has did. It shows something like a team photos of 12 persons, but all the faces belong to Andy. Anyone can help to advise how i can achieve that kind of effect? i'm jus a beginner to PS. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Mount the camera on a tripod, make sure camera does not move. Ensure exposure and focus is the same, best set to manual mode for both once you get the focus and exposure right. This is to ensure the lightings are uniform for all shots.

    • Start taking photos.
    • Open the first and second photo.
    • Under the second photo's window, select "all" (Ctrl-A), copy and paste onto the first photo.
    • Use the eraser tool, with a suitable brush size,'erase' the area where the first person is located so that the person in the first photo is exposed.
    • After you are happy with it, under layer, select flatten image. Now the 2 photos will become 1. Layer info will be lost.
    • Open the third photo, and repeat the process. Copy and paste and erase. try something simple first (e.g. no overlaping figures)

    Good luck and have fun!


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