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    For those who are interested in medium format cameras, I came across a second hand 645 c/w with 150mm lens selling for $499 at Cash Converter East Jurong. Apparently it was reduced from its original selling price of $899. Not sure what the new price is but if its working, then definitely a bargain....those interested may want to check it out and revert if its a good one...

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    Pity I live in
    Australia. Hard to grab this great lens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roentarre View Post
    Pity I live in
    Australia. Hard to grab this great lens!
    Hi Mate,
    Just so you are not mistaken, these prices are in Singapore dollars (US$1=S$1.50).
    But of course, its still a bargain if the camera works....I won't be able to appreciate or test it out though. Hopefully some guy in Buy-Sell section will be interested.


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