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    Just very curious about outdoor strobe.Since this unit need external battery to bring along for outdoor shooting.Anyone tried using UPS(uninterrupt power supply) b4

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    batteries made specifically for outdoor strobe usage consist of a deep cycle battery and an inverter (pure sine wave, I believe)

    different manufacturers make battery packs for their brand of lights
    there are a few to choose from, there's a cheap one from Jinbei, there's higher end models from Elinchrom and Profoto and Hensel

    there are power supplies from Dynalite (XP1100 I believe)

    if you want to use a strobe outdoors with a battery pack that's non-propriety you can't just use any power supply, it has to be able to take a surge of twice the wattage stated on the power supply at least, and the power supply has to provides a pure sine wave.
    I've tried it before, it's very difficult. The only one that seems to work ok is Alienbees Vagabond unit

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    The UPS alone will break your back. UPS are heavy and meant to last only for a short while.

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    Heh. I don't think your UPS holds enough charge. Unless you are talking about those really huge industrial-use variety. Which by then... I think buying a proper portable power pack is the cheaper option.

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    See the specials at the bottom of the page
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    Ya lah bro,,just asking cause I also never see anyone used it.Thanks for the Info,,the worst part is I will break my back bone....


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