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    CnC very welcomed. i am still learning photography ,started a month ago only.

    This picture is taken in japan. i find the flower and the greenery pretty beautiful . it covers the temple like an impregnable fortress. Feels like it is protecting the temple but still allowing the temple to breath
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    1) Consider cropping away the over-exposed sky in the top right-hand corner. It does nothing to aid the composition and is just plain distracting (especially so since it is blown).

    2) The very tall tree on the right 1/3 of the photo is quite distracting too. Furthermore, I do not like the way it is chopped off at the top.

    3) Is the structure meant to be your subject? I feel there is a lack of sharpness here.

    4) Boost the colours and contrast if you want to showcase the flora. It currently lacks the impact and oomph.

    5) Overall the picture doesn't work for me based on your description and aim... Try other angles and/or themes? It appears to be just a snapshot on a holiday...
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    I see thanks for the comment . Will try to improve =D


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