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Thread: Any mandarin songs fans out there?

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    Default Any mandarin songs fans out there?

    Gd afternoon! Was listening to music from the radio while having lunch and started to wonder why many Singaporean singers (e.g. 蔡健雅, 孫燕姿, 阿杜) made it so far in oversea markets rather than locally. Guess there simply isn’t any “platform” or the environment to make it a difference here for these talents when it comes to media related stuff. This appears to be the similar for photography. Any thoughts and comments on this folks?

    P.s. Used not think much about蔡健雅 until I head her song “深信不疑” recently and yes I know孫燕姿 is kinda going down hill after fulfilling her “local duties”.
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    Default Re: Any mandarin songs fans out there?

    Tanya is very good.. in fact, i think she sings better than ah Du and Stephanie. More talented as well.

    Try find the song Yuan Dian 原点, its by tanya and stephanie.. very nice song. The other nice song from her is 双栖动物


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