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    Hi guys,

    What are your comments on the Canon 28-135mm USM IS f3.5-5.6 vs the Tokina ATX PRO II 28-70 f2.8 as mid zoom lenses? I am thinking of using this lens for indoor portriats, events and for general outdoor shoots. I tend to lean towards the canon (due to USM and IS) but I am concerned that picture quality would sufffer indoors, or under low light conditions.

    Your valued opinions appreciated!
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    just get any 28-70 2.8 if u r not too particular or fussy
    if u have the money, get those top rated 28-70 2.8. and make it a habit to ensure your slowest lens is @f2.8. then u can cut out all the fuss and live happily ever after. period. ;-)


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