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    Default Alternate landscape

    I wanted create a feel of an abstract or alternate barren landscape. Please give me your C&C. Thank you.

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    think the colors quite depict the mood, but would like to see more barren land in the composition though

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    the sky is too distracting.
    not sure if overexposed or burnt, but it makes the overall pic very irriating to look at for long
    interesting colors and composition. but more "barren-ness"

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    Where did you take the metering from? The over-exposed patch of sky behind the plant(?) spoils the photo somewhat. But I like the very dramatic sky. This is the stuff great b&w landscape shots are made of.

    The placement of the plant front and center suggests that it was meant to be the subject... its lack of leaves show the barreness that you are trying to depict. But I find the silhouette portion of the plant a little odd...

    An unrelated question, was this shot on film?

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    I would have liked to see more barren land as well but I suppose I don't know what is in the foreground!

    But the sky is beautiful in itself and this is one instance where I feel (at least) the grain in the sky helps achieve the mood.

    Just my humble thoughs.


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