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Thread: Photography Talk in NTU

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    Originally posted by agape01
    Actually, he was referring to everything that he takes. Not only portraits, but scenics, street shooting and everything else in between.
    It makes sense for portraits and street shoots. But for scenery? Hmm, he's a film user I suppose?

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    Originally posted by mervlam
    PVS had not expected that the talk only took 15 mins. In fact, most of our management committee members are taken by surprise by the duration of the talk.

    ClickArt had previously requested for the talk to be held at a Canteen in campus at lunch hour. However, due to the inavailablity of PA system in the canteen and insufficient time for booking for a PA system, we decided to hold it at an LT after office hours as most LTs are booked at lunch hour. There was vague information given by ClickArt, such as the length of the talk.

    On behalf of the Management Committee of PVS, I apologise for any form of inconvienence and disappointment caused.

    Mervyn Lam
    Vice President, PVS.
    I would like to add to what Mervyn has mentioned. I was the main liaison with the ClickArt people. I was taken by surprise when the talk only lasted 15min, since they told me it would last 45min to 1hr.

    Apologies to all inconvenience caused.

    To Bean: Notification was last minute because ClickArt confirmed with us at the last minute. We made efforts to publicise it and even went door-to-door at each hostel room in NTU. I seek your understanding on this.

    Chean Hiang

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