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    Hey people, i'm realli interested moving into photography from lomography (Some alternative photography) and i was jus wondering who has every used a zenit 412ls slr camera before ? Realli interested in the camera. Its film as my budget isnt tat much. You can see the camera at ( and does anyone know where can i get a pentax k mount lens from ???

    Thanks loads...

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    why not just get the "regular" slr, eg canon, nikon, pentax etc. eos50 in b&s here is around $120, pentax k100 (full manual camera) goes for $120.

    if cost is a concern, why not get a digital compact, i saw in 1 of the 2nd hand camera shop selling canon a85 (digital compact) at $180. i bought a canon g2 and s60 at $200 each (both cond 9-10 rating).
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    Hmmm, since i am getting a lomo fisheye lens, might as well hope it on too. Yeh, juz asking is it a good camera tats all.


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