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Thread: Query on Maha MH-C204W Charger

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    Default Query on Maha MH-C204W Charger

    I have just acquired the Maha MH-C204W charger from Eastgear and I noticed something funny. When charging 4 x AA batteries, the two batteries on the left side always complete within 45 mins whereas the two on the right will take another 30 mins or so.

    I'm using Powerex, Konnoc and Sanyo batteries and everytime it is the same result. Is there anything wrong with my charger?

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    Smile Re: Query on Maha MH-C204W Charger

    Read the manual.
    The left side will charge 1st then switch to right side.

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    Default Re: Query on Maha MH-C204W Charger

    The manual says:

    "Note: the two indicators may not turn green at the same time due to minor differences in battery status in each bank."


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