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Thread: minolta dimage scan dual III (annoying stuff

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    Default minolta dimage scan dual III (annoying stuff

    any of you guys have the minolta scan dual 3?
    cos i just got it, my first 1 did not work at all.
    i sent it back for a change.

    the second 1 i got, freezes sometimes and at times portions of the image doesnt get scanned
    its darn annoying
    any of you guys experience the same problems?

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    hey barret...see your scanner probs haven't been fixed. my scanner's alright..freeze? how so? maybe try calibrating or something, may help.

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    I believe there are some problems with USB2.0 with some PCs/boards. Did you try USB 1.1?

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    no problems with mine. it's really plug-and-play.... I'm using USB1.1 though on an Intel BX chipset motherboard.
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    Default usb 2 to usb 1.1

    humm i have tried on my other comp and it works fuine there.
    i suspect its the usb 2.0 problem like what sriram has pointed out.
    humm now how can i use usb 1.1 on a usb 2 port
    annoying stuff

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    Hmm.. dunno, but let us know if you can find a solution.

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    hello,i am not an IT guy but my friend say the pc can fix a usb II card or such.don't know if it works??BTW, the scan dual III is usb II.they say will it is backward compatable....

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    hi yes you can install a USB2.0 card in your PC, I did that to mine, just buy the card and simply stick it in one of the expansion slots.


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