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Thread: Fashion Festival 2003 @ Suntec City

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    2 local ones? You mean the MUFC and goldlion ones?

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    no, the first & third model from the right in the photo.

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    Hey guys, dun forgot this coming weekend Food Fest ! Raffles City!!

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    Hey guys!

    I miss the fun....

    Hope can join u ppl again..

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    Will anyone start a new thread for new item in the forum?

    maybe we can know what is it about...

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    there's a separate thread and pics were posted for yesterday's show. there's still two more today (right now 2pm and 7pm). Each show lasts about 20-25 mins.
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    Originally posted by vince123123
    Oh, well I went to the Suntec one thinking its at 3pm, but saw on the signboard that itw as at 2. so i thot i missed it liao and din want to wait for 2+ hrs to see the same thing as i saw last week, so went to try my luck at Jurong point - where they had a swimsuit fashion show

    anyway will be at suntec tomolo. be advised that i saw on the suntec boards that the first show seems to be at 1pm and not 230 as previously published.


    I am new here, and duno what the quality of swimsuit fashion show here is like. Do anyone post pic of the swimsuit fashion show yet? Thank u!

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    Cannot be no one got photos of the swimsuit shoot mah....... rite??? I juz want to see quality and who r the models so please post

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