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Thread: Brother's BW Portrait

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    Default Brother's BW Portrait

    was trying to go for an 'out-of-bed' look

    shot on digital with natural window light, PPed to bw via channel mixer.

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    Default Re: Brother's BW Portrait

    interesting use of lighting, with a nice gradation of light cast on his left cheek. however, i think the background is a little distracting, especially the two photo frames appearing at the sides of his head.. maybe you could have cropped it in a different way, eg closer crop with only his face?
    i think another thing you should take note of (advice given to me by a fellow photographer) is the loss of detail of the black hair - if you notice the hair in the front has lost detail, appearing jet black rather than showing details of the strands of hair.
    doing B&W with channel mixer is something i'm planning to try out. i currently desaturate and play with curves (:
    all the best in your further photographic exploits!

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    ok as a study but not ok as a portrait - mainly the bkgd. if u can light ur bro without lighting the bkgd then its ok. Also maybe too much chest when focus should be on head. if u want to show upper torso then the crop is far too tight, ie cannot cut the arms. Finally not enuf head room.


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