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Thread: F31FD vs FX10

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    Lightbulb F31FD vs FX10

    Considering between these 2...

    Need a simple PnS camera that can do:

    1) Nite shots
    2) Indoor/Outdoor shots
    3) Parties & gathering

    Understand that Lumix uses Lecia len which is suppose to be good, best part it is very slim too

    Any recommendations? pros and cons of each camera?


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    Default Re: F31FD vs FX10

    You could do a comparison of their features at Pros of F31D is the more sensitive sensor used by Fuji for pumping up the ISO for low light conditions but it's using XD card. Whereas panasonic is known for it's noise when pumping up ISO, but it does have Mega O.I.S.

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    I'll prefer you go for the F31fd.
    Low noise at high ISOs. Design-wise, it isn't those slim kinds but performance-wise, it packs helluva punch. xD card isn't an issue really, prices have dropped too.

    Panasonic - Slim + Mega O.I.S
    But noise control isn't as good as the Fuji, "watercolour" symptom when the camera does aggressive noise control. (Don't know whether the problem still exists)

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    Default Re: F31FD vs FX10

    if you take a significant amount of photos at night, go f31... otherwise fx01, 28mm wide + OIS.

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    Default Re: F31FD vs FX10


    since so many indoor/night shots

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    cool seems like alot of pro fujis thanks will chk out the reviews and make a trip down simlim to get some hands on

    PS whats mega OIS?

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    Mega O.I.S - Mega Optical Image Stabiliser

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    F31fd definately...

    You can check both out at MS Color... Great services..


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