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Thread: Canon 10D : A better camera than D60?

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    Default Canon 10D : A better camera than D60?

    Was looking through Dpreview's postings of must wonder whether this 10D is worth all the hype ...a lot of the postings generally comment that the pictures taken by D60 is better in terms of color saturation and noise. On the other hand the 10D has BETTER autofocus capability ......I was initially bowled over by the 10D and was thinking of getting 1 while using the D60 as a backup I am not so sure ......any opinions here from D60 owners or soon to be 10D owners??

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    all i can say is.......

    d60 as backup?!?! aaaaahhhhhhhhh

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    get a 10D and try it out.

    better than D60? fine. use D60 as backup.

    worse than D60? fine. use 10D as backup.

    no harm to have a backup right?

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    typo error ....i mean second body.....

    Initially wanted to sell D60 off to buy the 10D ...but looking at the way people were dumping the D60 on Ebay and singnet classifieds.....i did not think I will get a decent second hand price for it.....Hence.....why sell...its is still a good camera and I have taken wonderful pictures with it....a bit of a waste to sell it decided to keep it while waiting for the 10D...but now...sigh....10D does not sound that fantastic after all....

    Maybe it would be better for me to spend my money on L glass....
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    go for 1D or 1Ds, best in the market u can find at the moment.

    What u don't like about D60? If nothing, then no reason for u to upgrade.

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    my main gripe is the inconsistent underexposure the D60 has....I know that with photoshop that can be rectified...but it just irks me....autofocus sometimes ....was hoping the 10D will solve all that.....but apparently it is better than D60 but still not that much better.....


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