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Thread: PSS, Objectifs, or Slcc?

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    I am thinking of taking a class in basic photography but is torn between which of this to take. I personally like Objectifs a lot but the next basic photography class does not start until a long while later. So now it's between SLCC and Photographic Society of Singapore.
    For those who have taken classes before I would apppreciate it if you can advise me on which one to sign up for.


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    SLCC are a close knit family way of teaching

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    Whats SLCC? And could someone pls let us have the contact nos for SLCC and the Photographic Society of Spore?
    I am thinking of going for a short course too. Couple of years ago when i had some free time i did enrol in a basic photo course at Objectifs (opp Bugis Junction, i think its Liang Seah St). I learnt very little and found the course to be an absolute waste of time. Could be the particular instructor but it was dead boring with absolutely zero enthusiasm and i came out of it with not much more than when i went in. Maybe its also becos i prefer a more personalised approach and with group sessions the instructor has hardly any "one on one" time.
    I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts also has a photography course. Anyone have any experience here?
    Alternatively any experienced (and enthusiastic) amateur/pro photographers interested in giving personalised "one on one" tuition? I'm happy to pay for such training.

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    I not sure about objectifs, I had made a comparison between PSS & SLCC last year. It is a very personal choice. i think it would be better who wanted to enroll this course check it out personally. I had enroll a B&W courses and basic photography with SLCC. I learn a lot for this courses.

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    PSS website is

    their basic photography course is aim at dSLR users, $144 for 12 sesssions. But must join as a member($80 for 2 years).

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    You might want to consider Safra Photo Club.


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