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    Hi..... need a recommandation on places to go to take photos of Old Building..... like abandon old house..... (not Haunted type please). Best is on mainland S'pore. Try going around the Old allyways at arab street..... but found all the housing under repair or brand new lookin...... Anyone have any ideas..... thxs

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    hmm, i normally walk from Outram MRT to China town to Bugis then to Arab Street or Little India. Quite a lot of old buildings to take. But personally, prefer the contrast of the old and new buildings. If you like abandon buildings, there is the Neo Tew Area further into Lim Chu Kang. It used to be occupied, but recently when i went back for reservist, realise all of them has moved away and the place is abandon. However, please take care to see if there are any military trainings as they use this to do some FIBUA training.


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