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    Just wonder what is the purpose of this "Viewfinder" since all the digital camera come with lcd screen??
    I had shot a lot of photo and just found out that the viewfinder is useless for me.
    But since it's useless,why the viewfinder is still can be found on digital camera nowadays?
    Or did i miss out anything important about this viewfinder?
    Any sifu out there can explain??

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    Because some people still like framing with the viewfinder? ¬_¬

    On DSLRs without Live View, the viewfinder is also neccessary. You can't use the LCD for framing in those cameras.

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    if you talking about viewfinder of PnS, basically i find them useless... most/all of them are too small and view converage ain't even 90% of what you get on photos...

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    I will use the viewfinder under very bright sunlight when the LCD is washout by the sunlight.


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    Save battery when you're running low.. =D

    A lot of P&S (consumer) cams do not even have a viewfinder anyways, hehe.

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    I could hold the camera a bit more stable if the camera is on my face

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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    Save battery when you're running low.. =D
    Eh, actually I think that's a pretty good reason to keep the viewfinder..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj View Post
    Eh, actually I think that's a pretty good reason to keep the viewfinder..
    Well, on P&S there isn't really a point, on my A540 which is what I use when I don't feel like lugging my K100D around..

    What I get using the LCD is wayyyy different from what I get using the viewfinder. It's so sad it's not funny. No different from using the Vistaquest's viewfinder.. And that's a toy cam.

    Ok, not that bad la. But still.. =(

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    Personally, I'd prefer using a viewfinder (even with < 80% coverage on a PnS) because you can let the lens see the world the way your eye does. Sometimes you don't get the right composition when you shoot through an LCD screen.

    Plus, you'd look more professional when you look through a viewfinder - even if its a viewfinder of a PnS.

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    lol...thanks for all the reply...I think i also should start using the viewfinder to take photo just incase the battery run low..

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    I see PnS cameras come with 2 types of viewfinders.
    1. Optical viewfinders that use a rangefinder type of system, so you got the parallex error.
    2. LCD viewfinders that still uses live-view but just to save battery as its a smaller LCD comapred to that 2.5" or 3.0" main LCD.

    Both save battery.
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    VF good when u are low on batt.


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