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Thread: Tripod w/o central column

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    Originally posted by mervlam
    u need the Manfrotto PRO series tripod....

    actually, i dont really know. but u can do that with the Pro Series.
    No need PRO series lah!
    just manfrotto 190D series will do.
    I use this and I always leave my center column at home.
    Reduce weight too! besides, i don't need the extra height.
    Can go low to the ground too.

    The pro series difference is the lock for the leg sections.
    And also it has the capability to convert the center column to become the horizontal bar (whatever you call it :P, i don't know the name).

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    Is a Manfrotto 329 head too heavy for a Manfrotto 190pro tripod?
    Or would a Manfrotto 055pro tripod be a better choice?

    Asked bcoz a 329 head is quite heavy, so not sure if the tripod will be to top heavy if I were to use a 190pro.

    Actually I own the 190pro. But feel its kinda top heavy with the 329.
    So was wondering if there would be better stability with the 055pro.
    But the 055pro is too tall in height for me & its effectively 700grams heavier than the 190pro.

    So I'm not sure if the additional height & thicker legs provides better stablility for the 389 head & my F601.

    Overall, my 190pro & 329 combo quite heavy liao. Slightly above 3Kg I think.

    So if I were to use the 055pro with the 329 head, then quite heavy rite?

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