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Thread: **Help on mobile storage needed tank drives etc etc **

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    Default **Help on mobile storage needed tank drives etc etc **

    Hi guys I would be makin' a trip up to thailand for 3-4 weeks

    I would like to know what would be my best bet on storage.

    I heard Tank or X drives have problems ie: out of 300 images u transfer in, 1 or 2 might go missing, is this ture ? any one using this face problems ?

    of course I would like to get my hands on a small lap top with a combo drive/CDRW drive.

    are there any new products that might help ? budget abt 1 k for a reliable storage/laptop 2nd hand also can

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    where did you get that info from? Never had any problems with my image tank at all. Go get one!
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    may I know which model you use ? Thanks for enlightening me !

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    I am using a type of storage devoce called Super DigiBin by Leading Spec.

    As per all hard drives, yes there is a danger that certain segments of the drive is damaged/defective (due to manufacturing fault/mishandling etc).

    I think it is almost impossible to check which segment of yr drive is defective until u use it.

    So there u go, u may wanna consider a 1G CF card as an option...

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    I'll be in thailand for 3 weeks ~ abt 300mb daily of pictures .....

    1GB ain't enuff ~

    I am savin' up for a ibook now that might be the best solution ~

    any one got a 466se to sell ? budget abt $600


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