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    Will be taking a train trip to KL with family. As kids are involves, i wish to get more information regarding the immigration......

    Just some query.....

    1) How is the checkin being done if we board the train in Singapore. Do we go through Malaysia Custom first then alight at Woodland for Singapore custom?
    2) What about the custom checking if we return from KL to Singapore via train. Do we alight at woodland for Singapore and Tanjong Pagar for Malaysia?
    3) Any other procedures we should watch out for??

    any further tips on travelling by train will be appreciates.......

    Thanks for your help!

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    hmmm... i took the train once but from johor.
    so immigration and such all clear at woodlands.

    as for comming back, the train will stop at johor for immgration purpose.
    this one you no need to go down.
    the officers will come up to check.
    at woodlands, then you need to get down for security checks and then up the train again for tanjong pagar.
    nothing happens after woodlands...
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