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    in what area is critique to be sought?
    Pls be harsh for me to improve.... pls guide me through

    what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    I want to capture chinatown without the neon, without the "chinatown" feel. Without the bright cheery people.. Just not the way that I usually see the place

    Pictures stats
    using the 400D without tripod and did some PS.
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    It does show a dark alley, with a one way street. You might had captured the pic without the bright cheery people and the neon, but there is no trace of the place being chinatown. Would be gd if you could find some very chinese stuff around the corner and added it in ur pic. Maybe a fortune teller without any customer dreaming his time away? That would bring a stronger statement to the pic. Well that's just my 2 cents...
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    As mentioned by Nigel,

    the picture is too dark, there's nothing to catch attention with. If the idea is there, do hunt around more to think on how you want the idea to be captured and portrayed to the viewers.

    Remember, dun just only shoot from standard viewpoints. Try different ones. Think.

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    you title this pix as chinatown, so people expect to see a picture of typical chinatown pix.
    but here we can't relate this pix to chinatown, whether is bright or dark.

    maybe "late hour" is more suitable for this.
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    If you are not capturing the essence of Chinatown, then how do you see this image stands out from any other back alley photos? It could be anywhere.

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    maybe go even later.. when all the neon are off and all the cheery people are asleep... then u got a chinatown with a different feel.. maybe... havent not been in chinatown at tt hour myself

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    kit is right. ur title says chinatown. u need to have sth in the photo which says chinatown.
    ur bg is also a little distracting.
    if u want mi to be harsh.. erm.. i would say.. that this pic shows poor planning.

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    thanks!!!! love all ur harsh comments! if not i will never know where i had gone wrong!!!

    now tat i know where my mistakes are... i will do more to improve!!!

    thanks again!


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